Thursday, 18 June 2009


UK ARTISTS: ALFA, DICOTECK + JIMI CRAYON ARE KILLING IT HERE!!! This week has been nothing but an ABSOLUTE PLEASURE.. check some shots of the fellas in action >>> 1st UP (after blessing a few pairs of Reeboks the day prior) Jimi Crayon, Discoteck & Alfa (from left to right) TEAR UP SHOP @ ECKO HQ in NYC!!! REX & THE CITY is RIGHT!

Next Up! Our MONOREX Full-Color Exhibit @ GALLERY BAR in the one & only Lower East Side!!! I had to keep everyones little paws off these artworks! They are ALL BRILLIANT! Hit me to bid on them, they are in HIGH DEMAND out here!

And Last but DEF not least, Discoteck, Alfa + Jimi Crayon reppin' for SECRET WARS ENGLAND take the crown!!! Watch them in action >>>

BIG UP to LOGIKONE, BADSYNE & WOMBAT for Representing SECRET WARS NEW YORK LOVELY!!! SPECIAL THANKS to REEPS 1 for bringing the HARDCORE FLAVOR to our guests out in Brooklyn last night! Peace!

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  1. you guys should have posted info and pictures of the NYC artists that contributed/were in that full color exhibit. the whole NYC aspect of secretwars being here has been played down a lot this week, especially with all the artists from NY that have participated in all the events prior to this week. :/ lame